Galaxy Deployment Catalog

Galaxy Deployment Catalog

Welcome to the Galaxy Deployment Catalog. This catalog describes the details of how Galaxy is installed at different institutions. Details include infrastructure information as well as user community and domain information for each deployment.

You are strongly encouraged to add your local Galaxy deployment to this catalog so that the Galaxy Community can benefit from your experience.

There are also several other sources of information about deployments. These either aren't specifically about deployment details, or they aren't organized as usefully:

Deployments: User and Domain Information

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Deployments: Implementation

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Add Your Galaxy Deployment

There are two ways to add your deployment to this catalog.

  1. Using the Wiki Instance is added to the catalog immediately, but requires a wiki account
  2. Using the Google Form Some delay in adding instance, and less control over what it looks like, but interface is much easier.

Using the Wiki

Have a Galaxy deployment? The larger Galaxy community would love to learn about it. To add a description of your Galaxy deployment to this page, you need to create a wiki page describing your Galaxy instance. Here are the directions:

  1. Login to the wiki. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one.
  2. Pick a good descriptive, CamelCase name for your deployment. This will become part of the URL for the page describing your deployment. Avoid embedded spaces as they make lousy URLs.
  3. Type the CamelCase name in box below and hit the "Create" button. . PLACEHOLDER_NEW_PAGE(Community/Deployments/DeploymentTemplate, "Create a deployment description page", Community/Deployment)
  4. A template for the new page will appear. Replace the template text with a description of your installation.
  5. Save, review, and edit the page until you are happy with it.
  6. Return to this page, and admire how your deployment is now included in the listings.

Using the Google Form

If the wiki option seems a little daunting, you can also describe this instance in a Google Form. Once the form has been submitted, the information will be reviewed and a catalog entry will be programmatically generated within a week or two. You will be notified via email when the entry is created.

   Describe your instance using the Google Form