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The Galaxy Bioinformatics Platform: learning to use Galaxy for RNA-seq analysis

at Genome 10K and Genome Science

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. It takes users of bioinformatics tools away from the complications of the command-line and into a web-based point-and-click environment.

The training session will cover three main areas:

  1. Galaxy 101. This will involve an introduction to Galaxy where users will learn how to use the tool-data-interface ethos of Galaxy and perform simple data manipulation tasks. They will also learn about creating and editing Galaxy workflows and how to apply those workflows to data.
  2. Using Galaxy to learn RNA-seq analysis using available gene annotation.
  3. Using Galaxy to learn RNA-seq analysis where no gene annotation is available.

By the end of the training course users should be comfortable with navigating and using Galaxy and also have a better understanding of RNAseq and de novo transcriptome annotation and expression analysis.