The 2011 Galaxy Community Conference was held 25-26 May, at the Conference Centre De Werelt in Lunteren, The Netherlands.  The conference featured two full days of presentations and discussion on extending Galaxy to use new tools and data sources, deploying Galaxy at your organization, and best practices for using Galaxy to further your research. The event drew almost 150 participants from 19 countries on six continents.

Slides and vidoes of talks are now available on the Galaxy Wiki. Videotaping of all talks was sponsored by NBIC. 

The conference was co-organized and hosted by the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC)

The 2011 Galaxy Community Conference aimed to engage a broader community of developers, data producers, and tool creators. Some topics:

  1. New tools and new data sources

  2. Galaxy Tool Shed

  3. Visualization and visual analytics

  4. Programming with Galaxy: The Galaxy API

  5. CloudMan and Galaxy on the cloud

  6. Galaxy and large datasets

  7. Efficient tool deployment in Galaxy

  8. Galaxy and web services on the grid

  9. Galaxy for genome assembly, analysis, pathogenomics, plant pathology, variant detection, clinical microbiology, novel gene finding, drug discovery, sample tracking, ...

See the conference programme for more.

This meeting primarily targeted software engineers, IT professionals, and developers of analysis tools. Tool developers and data providers learned how to define resources in the Galaxy framework, increasing their visibility and making them easier to use and integrate with other resources.

Those deploying Galaxy learned how to extend Galaxy to use custom data sources and custom tools, and best practices for using Galaxy in your organization.


Who should attend?

About Galaxy

Galaxy makes it easy to perform analysis interactively through the web, on arbitrarily large datasets. With hundreds of tools there are few limits on what can be done. Now with NGS tools & workflows for short-read mapping, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, metagenomics, and pileup analysis (including numerous Illumina-, SOLiD-, and 454-specific tools), trackster browser, collaborative pages, and support for Galaxy in the Cloud. Galaxy is distributed under a BSD-like license.

About NBIC

The Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC), active since 2003, is a collaborative institute of the bioinformatics groups in the Netherlands. Together, these groups perform cutting-edge research, develop novel tools and support platforms, create an e-science infrastructure and educate the next generations of bioinformaticians.

Questions? Ask the organizers.

The 2011 Galaxy Community conference was sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the Netherlands Bioinformatics Centre (NBIC). Additional funding has been generously provided by Ion Torrent.