The 2011 Galaxy Community Conference is being held at the Conference Centre De Werelt in Lunteren, The Netherlands. The centre is also the official meeting hotel, and you can reserve a room at the hotel as part of the registration process.

If you reserved a room on 24 May at the Hotel & Eethuys de Wormshoef (web site in Dutch, English translation) in Lunteren, then payment will be made upon arrival. A shuttle will take people from the hotel to the conference centre on Wednesday morning. Staying in Amsterdam and taking the train on Wednesday morning is also an option.

The conference centre hotel has both single and double rooms. When you registered you specified if you wanted a single room, or to share a room. If you share a room, you were given the choice of having the organizers arrange a roommate, specifying another participant, or sharing the room with a non-conference guest. Room costs include breakfast.

Conference Centre & Hotel

Room Costs

Arrival and Departure

Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) is the nearest international airport. From the train station at the airport it is a 1 hour, 17 minute train journey (including one transfer) to Lunteren. From the Lunteren train station you can walk 15 minutes to the centre (recommended, see map), take a shuttle (see the schedule), or take a taxi. See the Conference Centre web site for walking and driving directions, and taxi numbers. 

There is sufficient time on Wednesday morning to get from Amsterdam to Lunteren before the meeting starts.  The meeting ends at 17:00 on Thursday, early enough to get back to Amsterdam that evening.  However, there are hotel rooms available on Thursday night if you wish to stay.


24 May







Intro to



25 May




Day 1


26 May




Day 2

(costs are per person)

de Wormshoef

  Standard: single occupancy

                 double occupancy

  Deluxe:    single occupancy

                 double occupancy

Conference Centre

                  single occupancy

                 double occupancy


Breakfast is included with all hotel reservations.  If you are staying elsewhere please eat breakfast before arriving.

Lunch is provided both days.

The conference dinner is at the end of the first day (25 May). The cost is included in registration. Guest dinner tickets may also be purchased when registering. Dinner can be arranged on other nights as well. Please book these meals at registration.


Questions? Ask the organizers.


If you need a visa to travel to the Netherlands for the conference, please contact Femke Francissen (<>) at NBIC and ask for a supporting letter.


See this map of Lunteren for locations and routes between the train station, the conference center and offsite hotels.