Erasmus MC

General purpose genomics analysis, featuring many standard tools plus many additional tools.

This is a General Purpose / Genomics server.



  • This server supports a wealth of RNA-Seq tasks, including:
    • quantify gene expression (featureCounts, edgeR, experimental design module)
    • determine and prioritize fusion genes (star-fusion, Fuma, ifuse)
    • determine variants and annotate small variants (BAM to varscan2, Annovar)
    • detect small ncRNA derived RNAs in small RNA-seq alignments (Flaimapper)
    • Generate html user defined workflow (iReport)
  • All tools are also available in the Tool Shed.

User Support


  • "This Galaxy instance may be used without registration, but guests' histories are deleted nightly. To request an account, please contact the Bioinformatics department."