The public, general purpose Galaxy servers of the Pitagora-Galaxy Project. This server is intended for testing and sharing. Heavy analysis should be performed using the project's identical virtual machine (VM) or Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

This is a General Purpose / Genomics server.



  • We are running a website for sharing users' know-how, and distributing a virtual environment where we configured Galaxy with selected workflows and tools. Now, you can perform our analysis workflows on the following three environments.
    • Access to the public web site for testing.
    • Download the virtual machine to your own PC or server.
    • Launch AMI (Amazon machine image) on AWS cloud.
  • Since Pitagora-Galaxy enables us to run the same workflows on any infrastructure and rebuild the environments in any time, we can quickly use Galaxy, and at the same time, ensure the reproducibility of the analyses. In addition, we plan to add a connector for Garuda Desktop, a desktop application platform, for data analyses that cannot be covered only with Galaxy tools.
  • Building Galaxy Japan Community, poster presented by Ryota Yamanaka at Genome Informatics 2014.

User Support


  • Public Server:
  • See the instructions at Pitagora-Galaxy Server.