In Silico Galaxy

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Summary:Construction, analysis, and visualization of gene-gene interaction networks for sequencing data.


  • Implements Encore, "an open source network analysis pipeline for genome-wide association studies and rare variant data. Encore constructs Genetic Association Interaction Networks or epistasis networks using two optional approaches: our previous information-theory method or a generalized linear model approach. Additionally, Encore includes multiple data filtering options, including Random Forest/Random Jungle for main effect enrichment and Evaporative Cooling and Relief-F filters for enrichment of interaction effects. Encore implements SNPrank network centrality for identifying susceptibility hubs (nodes containing a large amount of disease susceptibility information through the combination of multivariate main effects and multiple gene-gene interactions in the network)"

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  • Disk is "limited to reflect server resources but still allow users to demo tools prior to local installation. We are working on enabling instantiation of In Silico Galaxy on the cloud."