Academic Cloud:
Summary:Laniakea provides the possibility to automate the creation of Galaxy-based virtualized environments through an easy setup procedure, providing an on-demand workspace ready to be used by life scientists and bioinformaticians, with built-in storage encryption for user data.


  • Laniakea enables researchers configure and deploy personal Galaxy instances, exploiting the INDIGO-DataCloud software catalogue. Each Galaxy instance is customizable in terms of virtual CPUs, RAM and storage through the web front-end, and deployable with different sets of pre installed tools. Each instance comes with reference data (e.g. genomic sequences) already available for many species, shared among all the instances.
  • Each Galaxy instance can be deployed with encrypted external storage through LUKS ( disk encryption: users will be required to insert a password to encrypt/decrypt data directly on the virtual instance during its deployment, avoiding any interaction with the cloud administrator(s).
  • The service is scalable and both users and service providers can chose among a full range of different computational capabilities: from limited ones to serve e.g. small research groups, Galaxy developers or for didactic and training purposes, to instances with elasticity cluster support to deliver enough computational power.
  • The service will be released for beta testing soon.

User Support


  • To be defined