ZBIT Bioinformatics Toolbox

Public server:
Summary:This customized version of the Galaxy webservice framework was set up to allow the public access of our bioinformatics tools. These tools were developed and implemented by members of the Department of Cognitive Systems at the University of Tübingen.


  • Includes these tools developed at Tübingen:
  • TFpredict: Identification and structural characterization of transcription factors
  • SABINE: Prediction of the binding specificity of transcription factors
  • SBML2LaTeX: Conversion of SBML files into human-readable reports
  • BioPAX2SBML: Conversion of BioPAX format to SBML qual
  • SBMLsqueezer: Generate kinetic rate equations for biochemical networks
  • EDISA: Extracting biclusters from multiple time-series of gene expression profiles
  • ModuleMaster: Finding cis-regulatory modules using promoter analysis and microarray expression data regression.
  • Deployment page in the Galaxy Deployment Catalog

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