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Galaxy @ Cold Spring Harbor 2018 Biological Data Science meeting

Galaxy will be featured several presentations at the Cold Spring Harbor 2018 Biological Data Science meeting.

Date Time Topic Contact
November 8 4:00 PM P25: Scaling scalable infrastructure to analysis tools Daniel J Blankenberg
November 8 4:00 PM P29: JBrowse Connect—Launch analysis tasks from the browser Scott Cain
November 8 4:00 PM P34: Accessible and scalable machine learning for biomedical data analysis Jeremy Goecks
November 8 4:00 PM P57: Galaxy at scale—Automated analysis of thousands of single cell transcriptomes Mo Heydarian
November 8 4:00 PM P75: Bacterial genomic at large scale with Galaxy - a Tn-SEQ example Delphine Lariviere
November 8 7:30 PM Can UI handle 10x datasets where X > 3? Yes, it can! Anton Nekrutenko