Galaxy Release 18.05 – Style update, Unlimited uploads, Rule-based uploader

GCCBOSC 2018 Childcare Update – eLife Sponsorship & ISB Microgrant lower costs

GCCBOSC 2018 Call for BoFs – Birds of feather flock together in Portland


Coding in the Winter Wonderland: Galaxy Admin Training in Oslo, 2018

Galaxy R Markdown Tools – Using R Markdown as a framework to develop Galaxy tools


Integrative Bioinformatics – key science and technology platforms to integrate, align and model heterogenous data types to generate meaningful insights from big data and from complex biological systems.

Computational Genomics – break away from the traditional conference experience ...

Traitement bioinformatique et analyse différentielle de données d'expression RNA-seq sous Galaxy – Part of Cycle "Bioinformatique par la pratique" 2018

Genopole Summer School – Bioinformatics and Biostatistical Tools in Medical Genomics

GCCBOSC 2018 – GCC2018 and BOSC 2018 are joining forces in 2018