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Introduction to the Galaxy Training Network

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Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational research.

  • Accessible: programming experience is not required to easily upload data, run complex tools and workflows, and visualize results.
  • Reproducible: Galaxy captures information so that you don't have to; any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis, from tool parameters to the dependency tree.
  • Transparent: Users share and publish their histories, workflows, and visualisations via the web.
  • Community centered: Our inclusive and diverse users (developers, educators, researchers, clinicians, etc.) are empowered to share their findings.

Welcome to the Galaxy Community Hub, where you'll find community curated documentation of all things Galaxy.


January Papercuts Award winners – And February Papercuts is tomorrow

The Galaxy Career Center is Open – And it lists 13 currently open positions.

Czech Galaxy Community Questionnaire & Mailing List – Chceme od tebe slyšet!

Massive open online education party: GTN Smörgåsbord – Starting Monday the 15th of February, the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) is running a global Galaxy online course

Experienced specialist in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis (f/d/m) – Research Core Unit Genomics at MHH (Hannover, Germany) is hiring


Processing thousands of datasets simultaneously- Mar 10. Galaxy collections and advanced collections features

Introduction to RNA-seq and functional interpretation- Mar 16. Applications close 22 January

Galaxy bridge to Jupyter notebooks and RStudio- Mar 17. Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio in combination with Galaxy workflows

Analyse Traitement bioinformatique et analyse différentielle de données d'expression RNA-seq sous Galaxy- Mar 17. Full. Part of Cycle "Bioinformatique par la pratique" 2021

Bringing GPU support to Galaxy- Mar 18. Progress towards executing GPU applications in Galaxy




How to choose the Galaxy that works for you – With hundreds of options available to use Galaxy, how do you pick the right one for you?

Change a datatype on multiple datasets

Trusted CI and SGCI Collaborate to Secure the Galaxy Science Gateway Platform – On the path toward Galaxy security compliance

Galaxy Admin Training with the Gallantries – Lessons learned

New and updated CNV and Variant Calling tools – on and in the Toolshed


Post-doctoral researcher: proteomics and multi-omics of lung disease – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Research Engineer Bioinformatics – INSERM - Institut Pasteur de Lille, Lille, France . Apply by Apr 1.

Bioinformatics Developer and Trainer – Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom . Apply by Mar 7.

Experienced specialist in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis – Research Core Unit Genomics (RCUG), Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany

Postdoctoral research fellow – MEMO Group, Norwegian University of Life Science, Ås, Norway . Apply by Mar 13.

New Platforms

ASaiM Docker Image - Tools for metagenomic and metatranscriptomic studies, hierarchically organized to orient user choice toward the best tool for a given task.

InteractoMIX - One-stop resource offering a wide range of computational analyses from proteome-wide interactomes to structure of protein complexes.

ATACgraph - Profile accessible chromatin regions and provide ATAC-seq-specific information including definitions of nucleosome-free regions (NFRs) and nucleosome-occupied regions.

CorGAT - Align complete assemblies of SARS-CoV-2 genomes wih the reference genomic sequence, to obtain a list of polymorphic positions and to annotate genetic variants.

Recent Pubs

Using Galaxy to Perform Large-Scale Interactive Data Analyses—An Update - Ostrovsky, A., Hillman‐Jackson, J., Bouvier, D., Clements, D., Afgan, E., Blankenberg, D., Schatz, M. C., Nekrutenko, A., Taylor, J., the Galaxy Team, & Lariviere, D. (2021). Current Protocols, 1(2), e31.

ASaiM-MT: A validated and optimized ASaiM workflow for metatranscriptomics analysis within Galaxy framework - Mehta, S., Crane, M., Leith, E., Batut, B., Hiltemann, S., Arntzen, M. Ø., Kunath, B. J., Delogu, F., Sajulga, R., Kumar, P., Johnson, J. E., Griffin, T. J., & Jagtap, P. D. (2021). F1000Research, 10, 103.

Galaxy InteractoMIX: An Integrated Computational Platform for the Study of Protein–Protein Interaction Data - Mirela-Bota, P., Aguirre-Plans, J., Meseguer, A., Galletti, C., Segura, J., Planas-Iglesias, J., Garcia-Garcia, J., Guney, E., Oliva, B., & Fernandez-Fuentes, N. (2020). Journal of Molecular Biology, 166656.

GalaxyTrakr: A distributed analysis tool for public health whole genome sequence data accessible to non-bioinformaticians - Gangiredla, J., Rand, H., Benisatto, D., Payne, J., Strittmatter, C., Sanders, J., Wolfgang, W. J., Libuit, K., Herrick, J. B., Prarat, M., Toro, M., Farrell, T., & Strain, E. (2021). BMC Genomics, 22(1), 114.