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Meet Galaxy -
a data analysis universe

Galaxy is a free, open-source system for analyzing data, authoring workflows, training and education, publishing tools, managing infrastructure, and more.

Galaxy Training Academy

Galaxy is more than you think

Galaxy is a world-wide community.

There are over 500,000 registered Galaxy users from all over the world. Join this lively community to get help, contribute, and learn.

Galaxy has 1,000s of tools

In partnership with BioConda and BioContainers, Galaxy provides instant access to vast number of analysis tools.

Galaxy = workflows

Create complex workflows and deploy via UI or CLI.

Galaxy is everything you need to leverage HPC and Clouds

Distribute different types of computational jobs across any infrastructure using Pulsar and TPV.

Rapidly put your tools before 1,000s of users

Planemo, Galaxy's SDK, automates creation, testing, and deployment of tools, workflows, and interactive tutorials.

Galaxy makes learning accessible

Galaxy Training Network has 100s of community-vetted, hands-on tutorials on a variety of topics.

Galactic pulse

Popular tutorials

Choose from these self-paced tutorials to perform a comprehensive analysis or hone your skills on a specific topic.

Upcoming events

The Galaxy community puts on a show every year with dozens of events around the world.
Next up:
Jul 18
Small Scale Galaxy Admins Meeting
Jul 19
Ask Us Anything about Galaxy live webinar
Jul 22
Workshop on high-throughput sequencing data analysis with Galaxy

Research highlights

See how Galaxy cooperates and helps other projects. These are also great exemplars of how Galaxy is being used in production settings.
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