Apply Now for Gateway Focus Week (formerly Science Gateways Bootcamp) – Applications are due July 19

Native support for Elixir-AAI in Galaxy v.19.05 – the European Galaxy Server hosted by Elixir Germany is now ready to accept logins from users using their Elixir AAI identity for authentication..

June 2019 Galactic News – GCC2019 registration / Poster/Demo abstracts / sponsors, GTN CoFest, Platforms, Pubs, Jobs, Blog!, Training, Tools, Releases and more!


Enabling cloud bursting for Galaxy – Expand your compute horizons.

Building up support for the Google Cloud Platform in Galaxy – Get on the cloud, Google Cloud!


Traitement bioinformatique et analyse différentielle de données d'expression RNA-seq sous Galaxy – Part of Cycle "Bioinformatique par la pratique" 2019

2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019) – The annual gathering of the Galaxy Community

An introduction to Galaxy with the NeCTAR Genomics Virtual Laboratory – Limited to 36 attendees, intended for bench scientists, and no previous informatics experience is needed.

Analyse fonctionnelle et interprétation de données de protéomique avec la plate-forme ProteoRE – ProteoRE permet d'exécuter des outils d'annotation et de visualisation graphique, de construire et de partager des chaînes complètes d'analyse via des interfaces utilisateurs documentées

Getting started with Galaxy and NGS Platforms – how data generation impacts bioinformatics analysis