October 2019 Galactic News – Events! Pubs! Platforms! Jobs! Doc! Tutorials! And some other news too.

Hacktoberfest 2019 – Please join us

InterMine 4.1.0 Release: Easier Galaxy integration – Configuration free data import/export


Slamdunk – SLAMseq analysis for nucleotide-conversion sequencing datasets

Galaxy Community Conference – A brief summary


Reproducible and Transparent Genomic Analysis with Galaxy

Beyond data generation: Developing a holistic biological mass spectrometry core facility – The 10th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Association of Core Directors

CWL Miini-Conference

Analyse avancée de séquences – Savoir utiliser l'environnement Galaxy

Genomic data science with the Galaxy workbench – Learn to do data-intensive science with Galaxy