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Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational research.

  • Accessible: programming experience is not required to easily upload data, run complex tools and workflows, and visualize results.
  • Reproducible: Galaxy captures information so that you don't have to; any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis, from tool parameters to the dependency tree.
  • Transparent: Users share and publish their histories, workflows, and visualisations via the web.
  • Community centered: Our inclusive and diverse users (developers, educators, researchers, clinicians, etc.) are empowered to share their findings.

Welcome to the Galaxy Community Hub, where you'll find community curated documentation of all things Galaxy.


Share your favorite James Taylor Story – Help us celebrate James on May 18

Single-cell RNAseq analysis made easy – New user-friendly computational interface based on the Galaxy platform makes single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) analysis simple and accessible to everyone

Better plant quarantine enabled by Galaxy Australia’s two millionth job – We asked the submitter for some background on what research they were doing. We found a fascinating story.

March 2021 Galactic News – New Featured and Community News sections; new events, releases, training, and lots of videos

2021 Google Summer of Code – Galaxy is participating


Analyse de données de métabarcoding- Apr 6. Full. Part of Cycle "Bioinformatique par la pratique" 2021

Galaxy-E : une instance de Galaxy dédiée à l'analyse de données en Ecologie- Apr 8. Ecostat 2021: Réunion annuelle du GDR Ecologie Statistique

A comprehensive software package for analysis of multiplex tissue imaging datasets- Apr 10. end-to-end analysis of common MTI assays

Galaxy and Jupyter for RNA-Seq and complex data analyses- Apr 12. Next generation sequencing for RNA-Seq and Epigenetics

39th Workflow Meetup- Apr 12. 今回は、完全オンラインミートアップのため、全世界同時開催です。


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ELIXIR Webinar: Speed up your data analysis with Galaxy: - Little know features (lots of them)

Running workflows in Galaxy from the Workflow Hub - Galaxy workflows available in the Workflow Hub can be directly run on

ELIXIR Webinar: Galaxy Bridge to Jupyter Notebooks and RStudio - Interactive tools in Galaxy

ELIXIR Webinar: Processing thousands of datasets simultaneously - From SRA/ENA import and metadata annotation to parallel processing

immuneML Quickstart in Galaxy - Simplified interfaces for immune receptor and repertoire classification in the immuneML server


Tips and tricks for Galaxy – "a useful bag of tricks and tools"

GTN Smörgåsbord: A Global Galaxy Course – A report on the largest Galaxy event ever.

How to choose the Galaxy that works for you – With hundreds of options available to use Galaxy, how do you pick the right one for you?

Global framework for SARS-CoV-2 data analysis: Application to intrahost variation – Parts 1 and 2

Change a datatype on multiple datasets


Academic Specialist Bioinformatician – University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia . Apply by Apr 19.

Computational Biologist – GalaxyWorks, Baltimore (or remote), Maryland, United States

Post-doctoral researcher: proteomics and multi-omics of lung disease – University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Experienced specialist in Next Generation Sequencing data analysis – Research Core Unit Genomics (RCUG), Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany

Postdoctoral Fellowships – Blankenberg Lab, Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

  New Platforms

IPK Blast - BLAST for barley, wheat, and rye. Part of IPK Crop Analysis Tools Suite (CATS).

immuneML - Machine learning-based analysis and classification of adaptive immune receptors and repertoires (AIRR).

ASaiM Docker Image - Tools for metagenomic and metatranscriptomic studies, hierarchically organized to orient user choice toward the best tool for a given task.

InteractoMIX - One-stop resource offering a wide range of computational analyses from proteome-wide interactomes to structure of protein complexes.

ATACgraph - Profile accessible chromatin regions and provide ATAC-seq-specific information including definitions of nucleosome-free regions (NFRs) and nucleosome-occupied regions.

  Recent Pubs

Freely accessible ready to use global infrastructure for SARS-CoV-2 monitoring - Maier, W., Bray, S., Beek, M. van den, Bouvier, D., Coraor, N., Miladi, M., Singh, B., Argila, J. R. D., Baker, D., Roach, N., Gladman, S., Coppens, F., Martin, D., Lonie, A., Gruning, B., Pond, S. K., & Nekrutenko, A. (2021) BioRxiv, 2021.03.25.437046.

Fast and accurate genome-wide predictions and structural modeling of protein-protein interactions using Galaxy - Guerler, A., Baker, D., Beek, M. van den, Bouvier, D., Coraor, N., Schatz, M. C., & Nekrutenko, A. (2021). BioRxiv, 2021.03.17.435706.

A rigorous evaluation of optimal peptide targets for MS-based clinical diagnostics of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Rajczewski, A. T., Mehta, S., Nguyen, D. D. A., Grüning, B. A., Johnson, J. E., McGowan, T., Griffin, T. J., & Jagtap, P. D. (2021). MedRxiv, 2021.02.09.21251427.

immuneML: An ecosystem for machine learning analysis of adaptive immune receptor repertoires - Pavlovic, M., Scheffer, L., Motwani, K., Kanduri, C., Kompova, R., Vazov, N., Waagan, K., Bernal, F. L. M., Costa, A. A., Corrie, B., Akbar, R., Hajj, G. S. A., Balaban, G., Brusko, T. M., Chernigovskaya, M., Christley, S., Cowell, L. G., Frank, R., Grytten, I., … Sandve, G. K. (2021) BioRxiv, 2021.03.08.433891.

ChiRA: An integrated framework for chimeric read analysis from RNA-RNA interactome and RNA structurome data - Videm, P., Kumar, A., Zharkov, O., Grüning, B. A., & Backofen, R. (2021). GigaScience, 10(giaa158).