European Galaxy Administrator Workshop – 5 days of admin training in Oslo

Galaxy Release 17.09 – Singularity, download collections, switch tool versions in workflows,...

November 2017 Galaxy News – Galactic Blog launches, new events, pubs, tools, ...


Galaxy Docker 17.09 – CVMFS and Singularity support

Galaxy: the first 5,000 pubs – The Galaxy Publication Library hits a milestone


Analyse de données RNA-seq sous l’environnement Galaxy – La formation repose sur une riche iconographie

Turning Bioconductor workflows into Galaxy tools – after ABACBS

Quality Control of Next Generation Sequencing Reads – Half day workshop on assessing quality and filtering of FASTQ format data

Foundations of Computational Genomics Course – Overview of the theory and practice of computational methods for the identification and characterization of functional elements from DNA sequence data

Genome Assembly and Annotation – Using Galaxy and the command line