November 2018 Galactic News – Platforms Directory; new events, pubs, blog posts, servers, tools and releases

Galaxy Release 18.09 – Workflow Enhancements, Group Tags, and Python 3 Beta Support

The Galaxy platforms directory – Use/launch a Galaxy server, right now


Contributor of the Month: Saskia Hiltemann

Tutorial of the Month: "Galaxy 101", selected by Yvan Le Bras


Brno Bioinformatics Workshop – Next-Generation Sequencing data analysis using Galaxy

BioHackathon 2018 Paris – Advance the development of an open-source infrastructure for data integration

Galaxy for NGS Data Analysis – Galaxy for analysis of next-generation sequencing data

Analyse des données RNA-Seq sous l'environnement Galaxy – La formation repose sur une riche iconographie

Introduction to Galaxy Australia – Metagenomics – A hands-on tutorial for Metagenomics