The Galaxy Community Conference featured two full days of sessions and workshops.  For participants who are brand new to Galaxy there was also a 2 hour Introduction to Galaxy session the night before the meeting. 

Slides and vidoes of talks are now available on the Galaxy Wiki.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

16:00-19:15   Shuttle runs between Lunteren train station and conference centre (see Logistics)

17:00-18:30   Dinner available at conference hotel, sign up when registering

12:00             Conference centre hotel checkin opens

18:30-22:00   Conference checkin desk open

19:00-21:00   Introduction to Galaxy Session

                            Need an introduction to Galaxy?  This is it (and it is SOLD OUT).

21:00-01:00   The bar is open

                           Introduce yourself!

Wednesday 25 May 2011

07:00-09:00   Breakfast for those staying in the hotel the night before.

08:00-09:15   Shuttle runs between Lunteren train station and conference centre

08:30-10:00   Conference checkin desk open

09:30-12:35   Session 1

            09:30     Welcome

                          Anton Nekrutenko, Penn State University

            09:40     New Data Sources, New Tools

                          Daniel Blankenberg, Penn State University

            10:10     Galaxy Tool Shed

                          Greg Von Kuster, Penn State University

            10:40     Genome Assembly and Annotation within Galaxy

                          Konrad Paskiewicz, University of Exeter

            11:05     Coffee break

            11:20     Galaxy in Plant Pathology, Not Everything is NGS Data

                          Peter Cock, James Hutton Institute

            11:45     Integrated Small Variant Detection Using Galaxy

                          Erik Garrison, Boston College

            12:10     Efficient Tool Deployment to the Galaxy Cloud: An RNA-Seq Workflow Case Study

                          Sebastian J. Schultheiss, FML of the Max Planck Society, Tübingen

12:35-13:35   Lunch (included with registration)

13:35-18:15   Session 2

           13:35      Galaxy Trackster and Visual Analytics

                          Jeremy Goecks, Emory University

           14:05      Galaxy Deployment and API

                          Nate Coraor, Penn State University, and Dannon Baker, Emory University

           14:35      Pathogenomics Analysis and Visualization

                          Freddy de Bree, Central Veterinary Institute at Wageningen UR

           15:00      National Collaborative Platform for Genomics and Proteomics Data Analysis

                          Hailiang Mei, NBIC

           15:25      Coffee Break

           15:40      Using Galaxy to Provide Tools for the Analysis of Diverse Local Datasets

                          Hans-Rudolf Hotz, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

           16:05      Deploying Galaxy for Use with High-Throughput Screening Experiments

                          Grainne Kerr, German Cancer Research Center and Heidelberg University

           16:30      A Galactic Experience and Extending Galaxy Sample Tracking

                          Jelle Scholtalbers, TRON gGmbH

           16:55      Movement of Large Datasets via Integration of GridFTP and GlobusOnline with

                          a Production Galaxy Setup at the University of Chicago

                          Neil Bahroos and Alex Rodriguez, University of Chicago

           17:20      Galaxy for High Throughput Sequencing

                          Kirt Haden, Illumina

           17:45      JAX: Exploring the Galaxy — Our Experiences Deploying and Using Galaxy

                          Glen Beane, Jackson Laboratory

           18:10      Day 1 Closing

                          Anton Nekrutenko, Penn State University

18:30-20:00   Conference Dinner (included with registration)

20:00-01:00   NBIC Sponsored Open Bar — free soft drinks, beer, and wine


                          Barend Mons, NBIC

20:30,22:00   Shuttle runs from conference centre to Lunteren train station

Thursday 26 May 2011

07:00-09:00   Breakfast for those staying in the hotel the night before.

08:00-09:15   Shuttle runs between Lunteren train station and conference centre

09:00-12:25   Session 3

            09:00     Day 2 Welcome

                          James Taylor, Emory University

            09:10     CloudMan: Galaxy on the Cloud

                          Enis Afgan, Emory University

            09:40     The Genomic Hyperbrowser

                          Geir Kjetil Sandve, University of Oslo

            10:05     Customized Galaxy with Applications as Web Services and on the Grid for Open

                          Source Drug Discovery

                          Anshu Bhardwaj, Open Source Drug Discovery Consortium, Council of Scientific

                          and Industrial Research; and Chintalapati Janaki, Center for Development of Advanced

                            Computing (C-DAC); India

            10:30     Coffee Break

            11:00     Enacting Taverna Workflows Through Galaxy

                          Konstantinos Karasavvas, NBIC

            11:25     Pushing Data to Galaxy

                          Ido M. Tamir, Institute of Molecular Pathology, Vienna

            12:50     Using Galaxy for the Analysis of NGS-derived Pathogen Genomes in Clinical Microbiology

                          Anthony Underwood, Health Protection Agency, UK


12:15-13:25   Lunch (included with registration)

13:25-17:00   Session 4

            13:25     Lightning Talks

                            BCBB Pipeline

                              Roman Valls Guimerà, Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm


                              Mike Cariaso, KeyGene

                            Free Omixon Tool to Up/Download Large Genomic Data files to Amazon Web Services

                              Attila Berces, Omixon

                            NBIC Galaxy Hackathon Report

                              Freek de Bruijn, NBIC


                              Alex Kalderimis, University of Cambridge

                            SGE Integration

                              Paul Smith, Illumina

                            iPlant Storage Plans

                              Matt Vaughan, Texas Advanced Computing Center

                            Importing Clinical Annotations into Galaxy

                              Alain Colleta, inSilico, ULB

                            Assertion Based Testing

                              Jim Johnson, University of Minnesota

                            Galaxy, GridFTP, Condor, and Globus Online

                              Ravi Maduri, University of Chicago

                            Space Junk

                              Nate Coraor, Penn State University

            14:50     Closing Remarks

                          James Taylor, Emory University

            15:00     Coffee Break

            15:15     Breakout Sessions

                            Visualization and Visual Analytics

                              Jeremy Goecks

                            Sample Tracking and Instrument Integration

                              Greg von Kuster, Anton Nekrutenko

                            Thinking Big: CloudMan, Grid, and Scalability

                              Enis Afgan, Nate Coraor, James Taylor

                            Workflows and API

                              Kanwei Li, Dannon Baker

                            Complex Tools and Datasources: Parameters, Datatypes and Metadata

                              Dan Blankenberg

                            Building a Data Infrastructure: Genomic Data Management

                              Kelly Vincent, Jennifer Hillman-Jackson


           17:00   2011 Galaxy Community Conference ends

17:00-18:15   Shuttle runs between conference centre and Lunteren station

17:45-19:15   Dinner available at conference hotel, sign up when registering

Friday 27 May 2011

07:00-09:00   Breakfast for those staying in the hotel the night before.

07:30-09:15   Shuttle runs between conference centre and Lunteren train station

           10:00   Check-out

Questions? Ask the organizers.