Single Cell Omics workbench

Public server:
Summary:The Single Cell Omics workbench is a comprehensive set of analysis tools and consolidated workflows


  • The current implementation comprises more than 20 bioinformatics tools dedicated to different research areas of single cell biology.
  • The public server is hosted by the team.

User Support


  • Registered users' data (i.e. datasets, histories) will be available as long as they are not deleted by the user. Once marked as deleted the datasets will be permanently removed within 14 days. If the user purges the dataset in the Galaxy, it will be removed immediately, permanently. An extended quota can be requested for a limited time period in special cases.
  • Unregistered users' data will only be accessible during one browser session, using a cookie to identify your data. This cookie is not used for any other purposes (e.g. tracking or analytics.) If service is not accessed for 90 days, those datasets will be permanently deleted.