Configure Cloud Authorization for AWS

On this page we explain how to setup a role on AWS, and how to setup Galaxy to assume that role.

Step 1: Create an AWS Role

  1. Goto and login with your AWS credentials.
  2. If not on IAM page, click on Services button and type IAM in the search textbox, and choose the shown option (see the following figure).


  1. On the AWS IAM page, goto Roles tab and hit Creat role button (see the following figure).


  1. Then click on the Web identity button, and then choose Google from the dropdown of the Identity provider, then enter Audience (the client id as issued by Google when registering the Galaxy instance; see this page), and then click on the Next: Permissions button (see the following figure).


  1. Type s3 in the Filter policies search textbox, and choose AmazonS3FullAccess, then click on Next: Tags button. (see the following figure). Alternatively, you can click on the Create policy button and define a custom policy for Galaxy.


  1. You may optionally add descriptive tags, then click on the Next: Review button.
  2. On the review page, enter a name for the role on the Role name textbox, then click on the Create role button.
  3. Once the role is create, AWS shows the IAM roles page, click on the newly created role.
  4. Copy Role ARN.

(You may also refer to AWS documentation on creating roles.)

Step 2: Setup Galaxy to Use an AWS Role

To setup Galaxy to use a role, you need to POST a payload as the following to /api/cloud/authz API of Galaxy:

    "authn_id": "...",
    "provider": "aws",
    "config": {
        "role_arn": "arn:aws:iam::347162595075:role/test"
    "description": "..."

You can obtain authn_id by submitting a GET request to the /api/authnz/ API.