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Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop for CRC 1425, CRC 992 and MeInBio members

Workshop on high-throughput data analysis. This is an online course and is limited to the members CRC 1425, CRC 992 and MeInBio.

We are offering a Galaxy workshop on high-throughput data analysis. This is an online course and is limited to the members CRC 1425, CRC 992 and MeInBio.

Note: This is a special link created for the workshop only. After the workshop, you can directly access the Galaxy service from here: [https://usegalaxy.eu](https://usegalaxy.eu)




Every day, the workshop will run from 10:00-17:00 CET (give or take, depending on questions at the end). If the times will change, it will be announced during the workshop.


Day | Topics | Slides | Training material | Hands-on video ------- | ------------------------------------------- Mon | Introduction to Galaxy | | | Tue | ATAC-Seq data analysis | | | Wed | RNA-Seq data analysis part I | | | Thu | RNA-Seq data analysis part II | | | Fri | Advanced Galaxy features, discussions, bring your own data | | | {:.table.table-striped}


Each day is divided in to 3 sessions:

  • Training session is a zoom meeting where tutors will present the basic idea of the topic and demonstrate the data analysis on Galaxy and explain each analysis step. It is a popcorn session. Participants should relax and watch, ask questions but don't touch the keyboard.
  • Hands-on session is the work-session. Participants will perform the analysis that they have learned during the training session. The training material and supporting hands-on videos are provided. All the questions during the hands-on session will be answered by the tutors in a slack channel. All the workshop information, training material and tutorial videos will stay online even after the workshop.
  • Q\&A session: Day ends with an extended live discussion on zoom where we all can discuss any remaining questions about the topic. This session will start at 16:30.


Some important steps to consider before joining the workshop:

  1. Please create an account in the European Galaxy server to perform the analysis. Participants from the MPI Freiburg, please note that the European Galaxy server is different from the MPI Galaxy server. You will need to have an account on https://usegalaxy.eu as well.
  2. We use Slack for the discussions during the hands-on session. Please follow these two steps in order to join us in Slack:

  3. For the workshop, all you need is a computer with a latest web browser.
  4. Galaxy interactive tours guide you stepwise through the Galaxy user interface and the history. They will help you to follow the Galaxy introduction, and ensure everyone has a basic understanding of how Galaxy works. It is recommended to go through the following two Galaxy interactive tours before beginning the training, but it is not mandatory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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