Dates: June 28 - July 2, 2021, all timezones (24/7 event)

Thank you for teaching a video training session at GCC 2021! This page contains some basic information that is useful for you as a speaker, and please don’t hesitate to contact Saskia or Helena if you have any further questions!

Would you like to add a training session here? We are still accepting new sessions, so just let us know!

Training Format

The GCC training week will consist of video tutorials. Support will be provided on Slack (chat) and Remo (conference video platform). There will be a large group of instructors providing 24/7 support, and you are welcome to invite anybody else to this group of instructors as well.

For the Science and Dev tracks, we do not work with days, but rather with modules. Participants can do any tutorial on any day of that week.

Speaker TODOs

As a speaker for the GCC training week, we ask you to:

  1. Create/update/check your training materials
    • in the GTN if possible, but not mandatory
    • please let us know if you would like help creating GTN materials!
  2. Create a video tutorial for your session (guidelines)

  3. We will send you the auto-generated captions (subtitles) for your video. Please go over these and improve them.

  4. Fill in a FAQ document with common questions about your session

  5. Create a 30-second video introduction yourself
    • We will put all of these together in a “meet your instructors video”
  6. Be online for support as much as you can during GCC


Date Time Left Tasks
18 March 3 months Papercuts CoFest. We are happy to help you update or create GTN materials for GCC training
15 April 2 months Papercuts CoFest. We are happy to help you update or create GTN materials for GCC training
10 May 7 weeks Program Finalized. If you want to change your plans or add new sessions, please let us know before this date.
20 May 6 Weeks GTN CoFest to finalize training materials
7 June 3 weeks Training Videos Due
14 June 2.5 weeks FAQ documents prefilled with any questions you anticipate
17 June 2 weeks Captioning CoFest/PaperCuts. Final Course Materials online
21 June 1 week Captions deadline & 30-second intro videos due
28 June 0 GCC Training week starts!