Galaxy @ PAG 2014 and GMOD 2014

    Galaxy @ Plant and Animal Genome (PAG 2014)       2014 GMOD Meeting

    Galaxy had a strong presence at the Plant and Animal Genome XXII (PAG 2014) and GMOD 2014, held back-to-back, January 11-15 (PAG) and January 16-17 (GMOD) in San Diego, California, United States.

    Galaxy at PAG

    Date Time Topic Session Links Contact
    January 11
    4:00-6:10 UCSC Genome Browser Workshops
    California Room
    Robert Kuhn
    January 12
    4:00-4:20 A Cheap and Efficient Approach to Identify Sex-Linked Genes in Non-Model Organisms Using NGS Data Sex Chromosomes
    Royal Palm Salon 5-6
    Aline Muyle, et al.
    January 13
    10:00-11:30 P988: The South Green Bioinformatics Platform Poster Session
    Even Numbers
    Mathieu Rouard, et al.
    P1050: Integrative System for Gene Family Gathering and Analysis in a Context of Crops’ Stress Response Study Poster Delphine Larivière, et al.
    3:00:4:30 P135: SNP Genotyping to Accelerate Rice Breeding Poster Session
    Odd Numbers
    Michael Thomson, et al.
    P1041: RepeatExplorer: Collection of Tools for Mining of Repetitive Elements from NGS Data Petr Novak, et al.
    January 14
    11:50-12:10 The Banana Genome Hub Banana Genomics Workshop
    Pacific Salon 6-7 (2nd floor)
    Gaëtan Droc
    4:00-6:10 Galaxy for NGS Data Analysis: A Hands-on Workshop Workshops
    California Room
    Slides1, Slides2 Dave Clements, Anushka Brownley
    January 15
    11:10-11:50 URGI Plant and Fungi Platform: Distributed Resources through GMOD Tools GMOD Workshop
    Golden West
    Slides Joelle Amselem, et al.
    11:50-12:30 Galaxy CloudMan: A Gentle Introduction to Data Analysis on the Cloud Slides Dave Clements

    Galaxy at GMOD

    The GMOD 2014 meeting schedule has two talks related to Galaxy:

    Date Topic Links Contact
    January 16
    Galaxy Project Update Slides Dave Clements
    January 17
    Coffee Genome Hub Stéphanie Bocs


    Galaxy Related Events @ PAG & GMOD 2014 Galaxy @ PAG; on one side GCC announcement on the other
    Going to PAG? Print out a copy of the Galaxy @ PAG 2014 flier. Want to help get the word out about Galaxy? Print the version with the GCC2014 announcement on the back and take several copies with you.