Dave Clements

My last day with Galaxy will be December 17, 2021. After that I am starting a position at Anaconda. See my departing blog post for more.

I am a Community Manager for the Galaxy Project at Johns Hopkins University (and formerly at Emory University). I organize meetings and courses, prepare training materials, and improve Galaxy's documentation, community website, and web presence. As a community manager I am part of a team that makes sure that the Galaxy Project and the Galaxy Community are the same thing. Galaxy is its community.

Prior to working on Galaxy I ran the GMOD Help Desk from 2007-2010, where I did similar work. I am still involved in the GMOD community as a representative of Galaxy. I have a guest faculty appointment at the University of Oregon, and over the years I have telecommuted from the Phillips and Cresko Labs in the Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IE2) and the Toomey Lab in the Department of Earth Sciences.


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E-mail clements AT galaxyproject DOT org
ORCID ID orcid.org/0000-0002-9970-6657
GitHub @tnabtaf
Twitter @tnabtaf


My background is in computer science. I have been working in bioinformatics since 2000.

Prior to working on Galaxy (and for NESCent and GMOD before that) I worked as the database manager at the European Renal Genome project (EuReGene), as a member of the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP). This project studied kidney development and disease. My work focused on gene expression patterns, and anatomy ontologies.

Prior to EuReGene I worked for ZFIN, the zebrafish model organism database at the University of Oregon for 5 years as a database administrator and software engineer.

My pre-bioinformatics career included






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Presentations, Tutorials, Workshops, Demos and Posters


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2018 & 2017

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Date Topic/Event Venue/Location Links
September 17-18 Utilizing the Galaxy Analysis Framework at Core Facilities Western Association of Core Directors (WACD) Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, United States Slides, Slides with notes
June 11-12 Introduction to Galaxy: RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data analysis Workshop University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom Slides
June 8-9 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop
Workshop is full, but there is a waiting list
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom Slides
June 6 WS02: NGS Variant Analysis with Galaxy ESHG 2015, Glasgow, United Kingdom Slides
February 27 Introduction to Galaxy Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, United States Slides
January 10-14 Galaxy for SNP and Variant Data Analysis Plant and Animal Genome XXIII (PAG2014), San Diego, California, United States Slides


Date Topic/Event Venue/Location Links
December 12 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop Virginia State University, Petersburg, Virginia, United States Slides
October 21 Galaxy: Accessible and Reproducible Data Analysis for Bench Scientists Institute of Ecology and Evolution, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, United States Slides
July 28 - August 1 Workshop: DNA Sequence Bioinformatics Analysis with the Galaxy Platform University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brazil Slides
June 30 - July 2 P26: Galaxy Training Network 2014 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2014), Baltimore, Maryland, United States Poster
May 13 Galaxy Workshop Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM), Edinburgh, UK Sides
May 12 Galaxy Workshop University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK Galaxy Sides, Edinburgh Genomics Sides
Galaxy Project Update 5th Edinburgh Bioinformatics Meeting, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK Sides
May 9 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), Norwich, United Kingdom Slides
May 6-7 Scaling Galaxy for Big Data NGS Data after the Gold Rush, TGAC, Norwich, United Kingdom Slides
March 7 Galaxy Workshop University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, United States Slides
February 26-28 GMOD Malaysia 2014 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Slides
January 16-17 Galaxy Project Update 2014 GMOD Meeting, San Diego, California, United States Slides
January 11-15 Galaxy for NGS Data Analysis: A Hands-on Computer Demo
with Anushka Brownley
Plant and Animal Genome XXII (PAG 2014), San Diego, California, United States Slides
Galaxy Cloudman: A Gentle Introduction to Data Analysis on the Cloud
Part of the GMOD Workshop


Date Topic/Event Venue/Location Links
October 21-25 NGS Data Analysis and Galaxy Workshop
University of Cape Town
2013 South Africa Galaxy Workshop Tour Slides
October 14-18 NGS Data Analysis and Galaxy Workshop
University of Pretoria
2013 South Africa Galaxy Workshop Tour Slides
July 18-23 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
2013 Research Triangle Workshop Tour, North Carolina, United States Slides
Introduction to Galaxy Workshop
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Galaxy Installation Tutorial
Introduction to Galaxy Workshop
North Carolina State University
June 20-22 W1: Next-generation sequencing data analysis with GenomeSpace and Galaxy FGED Conference, Seattle, Washington Slides
April 29 - May 2 Introduction to Galaxy Workshops Washington University in St. Louis Slides
Saint Louis University Slides
University of Missouri Columbia Slides
April 12 Transparent, accessible, reproducible analysis with Galaxy The Genome Analysis Centre, Norwich, United Kingdom Slides
April 11 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop Slides
April 7-10 GO Galaxy Workshop, with Chris Mungall Biocuration 2013, Cambridge, United Kingdom Galaxy Intro slides, GO Galaxy Slides
April 5-6 Galaxy Project Update 2013 GMOD Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom, immediately prior to Biocuration 2013 Slides
Community Building and Support Slides
Installing Galaxy on the Cloud Workshop Tutorial
March 5 Galaxy for Biologists Caltech, Pasadena, California, United States Slides
March 2-5 Accessible, Transparent and Reproducible Analysis With Galaxy, part of Galaxy for Core Facilities, part of ABRF 2013
Palm Springs, California, United States
SW1 Workshop slides, W6 Workshop slides
Febrary 4 & 5 Introduction to Galaxy Workshop, with Mo Heydarian Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, United States Slides




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