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W4M: Workflow4Metabolomics 3.0

Our friends from Workflows4Metabolomics have updated there tools and workflows to version 3.0 - and so did we. Enjoy all the great new tools dedicated to metabolomics data processing, analysis and annotation for Metabolomics community.

Read more in the W4M publication:

Giacomoni F., Le Corguillé G., Monsoor M., Landi M., Pericard P., Pétéra M., Duperier C., Tremblay-Franco M., Martin J.-F., Jacob D., Goulitquer S., Thévenot E.A. and Caron C. (2014). Workflow4Metabolomics: A collaborative research infrastructure for computational metabolomics. Bioinformatics, https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btu813