Galaxy Working Groups

Galaxy Working Groups: Distributing project guidance to the community

Galaxy has grown a lot over the years, going from a project at one university in 2005 to the global community it is today. Several parts of the Galaxy ecosystem have become avowedly and obviously community driven during that time, including tools, code, training, and several other international efforts. Galaxy Working Groups push this global model to other areas of Galaxy as well.

Initial set of Working Groups

The initial proposal includes these topic areas:

Contact and other information for these groups:

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Cancer Informatics


Human Genetics

Outreach & Training


Scientific Applications

Testing and Hardening




In reverse chronological order:

2021-01-07: Launch follow up

This call will be a followup to see how our first month has gone, and how goal setting and tracking fro 2021Q1 is going.

Please join us at Noon, US Eastern time (see in your timezone).

2020-12-10: Launch

Galaxy Working Groups were launched on the December 10, 2020 Galaxy Developer Roundtable call. (A recording of that call is available.)