Galaxy is an open-source platform for FAIR data analysis that enables users to:

  • use tools from various domains (that can be plugged into workflows) through its graphical web interface.
  • run code in interactive environments (RStudio, Jupyter...) along with other tools or workflows.
  • manage data by sharing and publishing results, workflows, and visualizations.
  • ensure reproducibility by capturing the necessary information to repeat and understand data analyses.

The Galaxy Community is actively involved in helping the ecosystem improve and sharing scientific discoveries.


Galaxy Release 24.1

See what's new on Galaxy with the 24.1 release notes!

The 2024 Galaxy Community Update Paper is Here!

Discover the latest advancements and future directions of the Galaxy Project in the community's newly published 2024 update paper.

Galaxy in Research: Decoding chromatin interactions with asteRIa

Find out how Galaxy helps researchers unlock the mysteries of gene expression regulation through chromatin studies.

All GTN training data are now automatically mirrored via Onedata

As part of the EuroScienceGateway and in cooperation with Onedata and EGI we are providing all GTN training data on a publicly accessible cloud storage

Galaxy in Research: Investigating Food Safety Threats

Learn how Galaxy can be used to detect and analyze drug-resistant bacteria threatening food safety in Egypt.


Jun 24 - Jun 292024 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2024)

The annual gathering of the Galaxy Community with opportunities to hear latest developments, get training, and meet everyone involved.

Jun 25 - Jun 26Strategies for training and knowledge exchange with a consulting perspective

Join us at BioNT, for a 2-day workshop designed to enhance your training skills and explore training and knowledge-exchange roles in bioinformatics. Dive into the theory of learning, the development of training materials and the techniques for assessing training needs. Gain insights into effective training delivery, consulting-like approaches, and teaching technical knowledge. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your training expertise! Registration deadline: 07.06.2024.

Jul 22 - Jul 26Workshop on high-throughput sequencing data analysis with Galaxy

This course introduces scientists to the data analysis platform Galaxy. The course is a beginner course; there is no requirement of any programming skills.

Oct 8 - Oct 10Gateways 2024

Help bridge the connection between science and gateways, such as Galaxy.

Oct 21 - Oct 23EOSC Symposium

EOSC Symposium 2024 invites all EOSC projects. It will take place under the patronage of the German Minister for Education and Research Bettina Stark-Watzinger. The event is being organised by the EOSC Association, the EOSC-A German Mandated Organisation, NFDI, the ZBW – Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, an EOSC-A Member, and with the support of the Horizon Europe project EOSC Focus. The Galaxy Project will join as core pillar of the EU-funded EOSC EuroScienceGateway project.