Galaxy is an open-source platform for FAIR data analysis that enables users to:

  • use tools from various domains (that can be plugged into workflows) through its graphical web interface.
  • run code in interactive environments (RStudio, Jupyter...) along with other tools or workflows.
  • manage data by sharing and publishing results, workflows, and visualizations.
  • ensure reproducibility by capturing the necessary information to repeat and understand data analyses.

The Galaxy Community is actively involved in helping the ecosystem improve and sharing scientific discoveries.


The European Galaxy server

The European Galaxy server is maintained primarily by the Freiburg Galaxy Team in collaboration with other academic groups across Europe and with the US Galaxy team. Please check our Terms of Service and data retention police before using the server. We offer thousands of tools, increased quota on temporary basis, and compute infrastructure for trainers through Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS).


The European Galaxy community participates in several projects at the European, national and regional levels.


To address the needs of scientific & local communities, we offer customized Galaxy frontpages.


Have you used the European Galaxy server for your data analysis?


The European Galaxy team is distributed across different countries in Europe.


BioNT Community Event: Open call for proposals

Are you interested in training and want to exchange and get to know other learning communities? BioNT, together with the Carpentries, is hosting a 3-day community event.

Galaxy Team Meeting in Austin, Texas

Check out what was accomplished when part of the Galaxy team got together in Austin, Texas, for a team meeting!

Galaxy Newsletter: March 2024

Dive into the March 2024 Galaxy Newsletter!

Achievements during the 'Image Analysis in Galaxy' hackathon

Find out the new features that are now available for image analysts!


Apr 11 - Apr 12Data Science for the Sciences

The Freiburg Team presents the European Galaxy Sever and the Galaxy Project

Apr 12Galaxy for Oceanographic Insights

1H webinar on harnessing Galaxy for Oceanographic Insights with ODV and DIVAnd Interpolation

Apr 15Introduction to Galaxy and the European Galaxy Server - Talk

We present the Galaxy project and the European Galaxy Server with its features and applications for scientists

May 7 - May 11Biology of Genomes

The 2024 meeting will address DNA sequence variation and its role in molecular evolution, population genetics, complex diseases, comparative genomics, large-scale studies of gene and protein expression, and genomic approaches to ecological systems.