Galaxy is an open-source platform for FAIR data analysis that enables users to:

  • use tools from various domains (that can be plugged into workflows) through its graphical web interface.
  • run code in interactive environments (RStudio, Jupyter...) along with other tools or workflows.
  • manage data by sharing and publishing results, workflows, and visualizations.
  • ensure reproducibility by capturing the necessary information to repeat and understand data analyses.

The Galaxy Community is actively involved in helping the ecosystem improve and sharing scientific discoveries.


The European Galaxy server

The European Galaxy server is maintained primarily by the Freiburg Galaxy Team in collaboration with other academic groups across Europe and with the US Galaxy team. Please check our Terms of Service and data retention police before using the server. We offer thousands of tools, increased quota on temporary basis, and compute infrastructure for trainers through Training Infrastructure as a Service (TIaaS).


The European Galaxy community participates in several projects at the European, national and regional levels.


To address the needs of scientific & local communities, we offer customized Galaxy frontpages.


Have you used the European Galaxy server for your data analysis?


The European Galaxy team is distributed across different countries in Europe.


Shiny phyloseq interactive tool available on - practical outcome of the Bioconductor Hackathon

We are thrilled to announce, that thanks to the help of the Bioconductor community, we could deploy the Shiny phyloseq App as an interactive tool (IT) on

Galaxy in Research: Unlocking genetic secrets of Lake Baikal’s endemic sponges

Explore the depths of Lake Baikal and discover how cutting-edge genetic research in Galaxy is unraveling the complex relationships between its unique sponge species.

Traefik Reverse Proxy for High Availablilty

A reverse proxy and loadbalancer for two headnode setup at Galaxy Europe

Enabling architectures that collect community-centric research software metadata

The ELIXIR Research Software Ecosystem (RSEc) and the Galaxy Codex make use of GitHub CI bots to collect research software metadata and provide a FAIR tool metadata repository for the global research community


Jul 19Ask Us Anything about Galaxy live webinar

The European Galaxy Team offers a Q&A session for all users

Jul 22 - Jul 26Workshop on high-throughput sequencing data analysis with Galaxy

This course introduces scientists to the data analysis platform Galaxy. The course is a beginner course; there is no requirement of any programming skills.

Aug 7Get Started with Galaxy

Join us for a hands-on virtual workshop designed to introduce you to essential bioinformatics skills using Galaxy—perfect for beginners and those looking to refresh their knowledge.

Sep 10 - Sep 13A practical introduction to bioinformatics and RNA-seq using Galaxy

Ready to explore the fascinating world of RNA-seq data analysis using Galaxy? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Visit our event webpage now to discover the program details, meet the organising team, and submit your application.