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Genome Annotation Reloaded

During the last month the Galaxy team has put a lot of effort into updating the Genome Annotation tools and has included new tools that will change how you work with your Genome in silico.

Tool Updates

  • We updated AntiSmash, a tool for genome-wide identification, annotation and analysis of secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters, to the latest version 4.1.
  • BLAST databases are up-to-date
  • Prokka, a complete prokaryotic genome annotation pipeline, has been updated
  • and Roary, a pangenome pipeline from our Australian friends to quickly generate a core gene alignment from gff3 files was integrated as well.
  • Augustus and Glimmer for gene prediction and Gubbins for recombination detection in bacteria as well as many others saw updates.


The circos tool in action, showing a snippet of a plot.

One tool we would especially like to highlight is new Galaxy wrapper for Circos. Saskia Hiltemann from Erasmus MC (Leiden University), in collaboration with our own Helena Rasche, have integrated Circos into Galaxy, finally making it possible to create beautiful production quality plots interactively in your browser, or automatically as part of a workflow.

Let's annotate some Genomes -- Any feedback welcome!