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Galaxy User Conference: a successful first day

More than 120 participants joined us for the first Galaxy User Conference in Freiburg. The first day has just ended and what an amazing day it was!

Galaxy User Conference

It started with a tribute from Björn to Stephen Hawkings.

Followed by several talks across diverse topics:

  • "de.NBI & RBC" by Andreas Tauch (Bielefeld, DE) and Rolf Backofen (Freiburg, DE)
  • "Galaxy HiCExplorer" by Joachim Wolff (Freiburg, DE)
  • "Analysis of the cardiac myocyte epigenome using Galaxy" by Ralf Gilsbach (Freiburg, DE)
  • "Using direct reprogramming to find the master regulators of renal tubulogenesis and factors leading to congenital kidney defects" by Sören Lienkamp (Freiburg, DE)
  • "Galaxy tools and workflows for metabolomics: A community effort to make data processing and analysis accessible, reproducible, and transparent" by Ralf Weber (Birmingham, UK)
  • "Workflow4Metabolomics - Towards an international computing infrastructure and a tools showcase for Metabolomics" by Christophe Caron (Rennes, FR)
  • "Deployment of genome databases for insects using Galaxy Genome Annotation" by Anthony Bretaudeau (Rennes, FR)
  • "Galaxy-E: A french initiative dedicated to Macro-Ecological data analysis" by Yvan Le Bras (Paris, FR)
  • "The ELIXIR Communities usegalaxy.eu/au launch" by John Hancock (ELIXIR, UK) and Frederik Coppens (Gent, BE)

At the end, Simon Gladman (from Australia) and Björn officially launched the useGalaxy.eu/.org.au!

Galaxy User Conference - Freiburg - 2018 - Day 1

For more information about what are the implication of useGalaxy.eu launch, you can check our post explaining the details

Thank a lot to all the speakers. See you all tomorrow!