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Fileserver Outage affecting Jobs

The university's home directory server went offline affecting numerous Galaxy jobs.

Incident Timeline

Time | State --- | --- 11:02 | We received a mail from the HPC team that the central Uni Freiburg fileserver was experiencing issues resulting in an outage. 16:30 | Some jobs were still hung and could not recover due to this outage. The UseGalaxy.eu Admin team began discussing possible options. 17:18 | We took the decision to reboot affected hosts as processes could not be killed. This affected a number of jobs unfortunately that were not rescheduled automatically. {: .table.table-striped }


Killing the affected hosts was not an optimal solution however it was the most efficient. Jobs should have been rescheduled and re-run automatically but it seems they were often not, so we will be investigating and correcting issues with our Galaxy job configuration.