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DNS outage affecting UseGalaxy.eu

Google's DNS stopped responding to requests for usegalaxy.eu for 35 minutes.

Incident Timeline

Time | State --- | --- 12:10 | DNS providers failed to respond to requests for usegalaxy.eu 12:19 | We received a user report that usegalaxy.eu was not reachable, nor were any subdomains such as stats.usegalaxy.eu. Our testing showed everything working locally in freiburg as most of our computers use BelWü's DNS. 12:24 | Our automated alert finally trigged that DNS was non-responsive for 15 minutes. 12:45 | Systems returned to a functional state on their own. {: .table.table-striped }

DNS providers failing to respond to requests.


There was no short-term resolution for this issue. There is no long term plan for resolution as DNS issues are not easily solvable at our organisation's size.

We have begun to monitoring more DNS providers (CloudFlare, Quad9) so hopefully we will be able to direct users to the most reliable one in the future.


We check several hostnames and several DNS providers as we've experienced similar issues before, e.g. registry.npmjs.org is checked as BelWü failed to respond to it breaking several automated processes. google.com is checked as a simple sanity-test.