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Temporary Quota Issue

We had a temporary quota issue today when one of our developers working on automating UseGalaxy.eu Quota Increase Application made a mistake in the code which resulted in the legacy-users quota membership being removed.

Incident Timeline

Time | State --- | --- 12:50 | Developer noticed mistake as it happened during development, but too late. 12:51 | First user complaint received 13:08 | Issue resolved {: .table.table-striped }

Root Cause

The script was intended to only synchronize quotas named auto_###, but due to a bug it attempted to synchronize all quota groups. It defaulted to synchronizing an empty set of users and completely removed the user associations for the legacy-users quota.


We extracted the relevant table from a database dump and proceeded to import those rows back into the table. The backup was missing one row but we have identified the missing data in admin discussions.

Going forward we will be deploying a test.usegalaxy.eu and developing against that server to avoid similar problems.