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A successful Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop

A new Galaxy workshop on HTS data analysis was held in Freiburg last week.

Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop @ Freiburg

During this week, the Freiburg Galaxy Team and Bionformatics facility from the MPI-IE Freiburg offered an introductory course to the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data using Galaxy:

  • Monday 17th: HTS and Galaxy presentations and introduction by Thomas Manke and Björn Grüning, with the help of Mehmet Tekman
  • Tuesday 18th: Quality control, Mapping, ChIP-seq analysis by Bérénice Batut and Leily Rabbani, with the help of Devon Ryan
  • Wednesday 19th: RNA-seq analysis by Anika Erxleben and Bérénice Batut, with the help of Pavan Videm and Mehmet Tekman
  • Thursday 20nd: HiC data analysis by Ralf Gilsbach and Joachim Wolff, with the help of Björn Grüning
  • Friday 21st: Exercises & discussion with Björn Grüning and Mehmet Tekman

2 Master students, 16 PhD students, 5 Post-docs and 2 PIs participated to this workshop. The feedback we received is good: 100% of the participants though it was good to excellent and will recommend it and 96% will use Galaxy for future projects. A sucessful week then!

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