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UseGalaxy.eu update to 18.09

We've updated our Galaxy server to version 18.09. Everything went extremely smoothly.

Galaxy Upgrade

Our previous Galaxy upgrade we scheduled an entire day for potential downtime, and completed it with a 2 hour outage of Galaxy. For this downtime we scheduled 4 hours of downtime and completed it without a Galaxy outage.

For a full list of the awesome new features please see the release notes

A few highlights (in no particual order)!

  • Workflows saw many enhancements:

    • You can now run a workflow directly from the "Published Workflows" list
    • The workflow editor supports zooming
    • You can download a workflow directly from the editor (Thanks Anup!)
  • Subworkflows now allow for setting runtime parameters
  • When pasting data or URLs into the Galaxy upload screen, you can now supply a name for this dataset rather than always having to change it afterwards.
  • The rule-based data uploader now supports adding tags to your datasets and collections.
  • Tool search should be working better

If you notice any issues, please do not hesitate to let us know