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Galaxy enhances Introduction to Genomics as part of Master program in Belgrade, by Nevena Veljkovic

This semester, the Faculty of Biology at the University of Belgrade offered for the first time an elective master course Introduction to Genomics which included several hands-on sessions on the Galaxy platform.

Lectures in this course were open to everyone and soon after the hands-on sessions started, several PhD students joined the 8 master students attending the course. During the classes we worked on RNA-seq analyses and variant calling.

Students were interested and deeply engaged. In the end, this first generation completed the course with excellent marks and was (based on their feedback) satisfied with the perspective in data science that Galaxy has opened to them.

The European Galaxy project team was very helpful in providing the training resources (via TIaaS) and in responding to our questions. Thank you!

*Nevena Veljkovic, lecturer Introduction to Genomics*