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A(nother) successful Galaxy HTS data analysis workshop in Freiburg

Last week, the Freiburg Galaxy team taught a 5-day workshop on HTS data analysis in Freiburg!

A successful Galaxy workshop in Freiburga

During this week, the Freiburg Galaxy Team and Bionformatics facility from the MPI-IE Freiburg offered an introductory course to the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data using Galaxy:

  • Monday 25th: HTS and Galaxy presentations and introduction by Thomas Manke and Björn, with the help of Anika
  • Tuesday 26th: Quality control, Mapping, ChIP-seq analysis by Bérénice and Leily Rabbani, with the help of Devon Ryan
  • Wednesday 27th: RNA-seq analysis by Anika and Bérénice, with the help of Mehmet and Anup
  • Thursday 28th: HiC data analysis by Devon Ryan and Joachim, with the help of Björn
  • Friday 1st: Exercises & discussion with Björn and Bérénice

1 Master student, 17 PhD students, 8 Post-docs and 1 PIs participated to this workshop. The feedback we received is good: all but one of the participants though it was good to excellent and will recommend it and all will use Galaxy for future projects.

We also had during this week special guests, as part of cooperation with the Center of Cognitive Science at the University of Freiburg. They are conducting an usability evaluation of Galaxy and used this workshop to evaluate how new users use Galaxy.

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