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UseGalaxy.eu update to 19.05

We've updated our Galaxy server to version 19.05 and now use EU blue in celebration of European Unity, ahead of us hosting this year's Galaxy Community Conference

Galaxy Upgrade

Other than an issue resulting from high system load, the upgrade went quite smoothly.

New Features

Tool Favorites

Tools can now be marked as favorites, and then they’ll be easily accessible from the star button in your tool panel.

Adding a favourite tool

Workflow Editor Connection Feedback

The editor now provides feedback on why connections are invalid, so you aren’t left wondering why two tools won’t connect. For complex data pipelines this should greatly simplify your life!

Workflow editor connections provide feedback on why they won't connect.

Data Dialog for Tool Form

There is a new way to select datasets when running tools! It is a very simple method to select any number of files from both your History and Data Libraries.

Data dialog for selecting dataset in the tool form.

Additionally the selector implements a highly requested feature, the ability to run tools on arbitrary datasets from a collection

Selecting datasets from within a collection.

History Export/Import Reworked

These features used to be clumsy in the past but do not despair since in this release they got a revamp and their reliability skyrocketed! Moving historic object across Galaxies should now be easier than ever. Rocketfuel included.