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Tool Recommendation: What do I do next?

usegalaxy.eu has implemented tool recommendation, finally answering the question "what to do next."

If you've done interactive data analysis, it's likely at least once you were faced with the question "What do I do next?" Maybe you're following the publicly available parts of a protocol, maybe you're doing a novel analysis, maybe you just want to add a new graph and some extra pizzaz to the reporting workflow you built for your project.

UseGalaxy.eu's users have faced this issue many times before and together we developed something to maybe give you a push in the right direction: offering you a list of tools you could run next. A big thank you to our Anup Kumar who implemented this feature!

"A list of tools that you can run next in a workflow"

These tool recommendations are based on machine learning run on workflows previously executed by users across UseGalaxy.*, extracting the common chains of one tool, to the next, to the next. This data was processed and now we can make some guesses about what tools you might include next, and offer these as suggestions to you.

"A set of suggestions after interactive usage"

Check it out today!