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PathwayMatcher published and running on usegalaxy.eu

PathwayMatcher builds a protein-protein interaction network from the Reactome pathway database. Users can query this network with multiple types of omics data as input, and PathwayMatcher outputs the possibly affected biochemical reactions, subnetworks, and pathways.

PathwayMatcher enables refining the network representation of pathways by including proteoforms defined as protein isoforms with posttranslational modifications, hence, it becomes possible to distinguish interactions between different forms of the same protein.

The PathwayMatcher project has been conducted at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the EMBL-EBI, U.K., in collaboration with the Reactome team. The main developer of the application is Luis Francisco Hernández Sánchez. PathwayMatcher is released under the Apache 2.0 license and the source code is available in GitHub. The Galaxy tool has been implemented by Carlos Horro and is available in the Galaxy ToolShed for everyone.

Try it out on usegalaxy.eu!