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UseGalaxy – a bioinformatic shopping mall from Sivakumar Prakash

Sivarkumar is working at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) on de novo genome assembly of Capparis urophylla. We received his feedback and want to share it with you. Thanks a lot for using Galaxy, Sivakumar!

"UseGalaxy – a bioinformatic shopping mall from Sivakumar Prakash

Whenever you see a black screen with lot of characters on your lab desktop, you might assume that, that was done by a SuperHuman who don’t use mouse for their operations – called Bioinformatician.

It is evidently daunting for noobs to understand the nooks and corners of command line to do anything. It was solved by UseGalaxy. Truly I learnt NGS analyses using Galaxy tool only. It had given me opportunity to play around and explore the things. Now I am aware of tools, the workflow, formats and output. Because of that trainings I can even use standalone tools with much ease.

And to be precise I can say UseGalaxy is a well organised and very helpful bioinformatic mall for dummies (not anymore) like me."