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Training Infrastructure Feedback from Giovanni Widmer

Hi Galaxy team!

This is the second year I run a 1-week workshop in bioinformatics at São Paulo State University’s (UNESP) veterinary school in Araçatuba, Brazil. The goal of this short course is to demystify the analysis and visualization of complex data sets as generated by 16S amplicon sequencing, RNA-Seq and multi-locus genotyping. Nineteen Master and PhD students signed up this year. By coincidence, I learned about Galaxy Europe’s TIaaS program, so a few months ago I applied for a private Galaxy queue.

We were able to run a basic RNA-Seq pipeline without experiencing any delays and demonstrating other tools was a breeze; submit job, wait a few seconds to minutes and done! Thanks to the Galaxy Europe team, also for uploading the Bos taurus genome following a last-minute request. Other than programs in Galaxy, we also practiced the command line with mothur and used GenAlEx for visualization. My research being focused on eukaryotic pathogens, we performed additional analyses in EupathDB.

Here is a picture of the smiling workshop participants - myself included, back row, 2nd from left.

Training participants.

Giovanni Widmer
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts University
North Grafton, Massachusetts