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Human multi-omics data from UK Personal Genome Project accessible through UseGalaxy.eu

The Personal Genome Project UK (PGP-UK) provides unprocessed genome, methylome and transcriptome data of participants, together with phenotypic data and pregenerated standardized analysis results and reports, through their data portal.

PGP-UK is one of few projects world-wide to recruit all participants under open consent which enables them to provide all patient data under open access. As such, this data collection is not only an excellent resource for researchers that want to develop and evaluate tools and algorithms for the analysis of such *omics data, but also offers a great opportunity to train yourself and/or others in the analysis of large human *omics data.

Data accessible on Galaxy Europe

As announced also in the project's blog post the so-called multi-omics reference panel described in Chervova, et al., Sci Data 6, 257 (2019) is now accessible directly on Galaxy Europe.

By this we mean that the complete panel, consisting of the unprocessed data, but also pregenerated results, from the 10 participants with complete - whole-genome, methylome and transcriptome - multi-omics data is available to you as a public shared data library for importing into histories without download delay and without having the data count towards your user quota!

We encourage all interested users of Galaxy Europe to use the data

  • for trainings
  • to put their own data analysis skills to the test
  • to establish new analysis workflows
  • etc.

The Galaxy Training Network provides hands-on tutorials to get you started with the analysis of this kind of data, specifically, under the topics of Variant analysis, Epigenetics and Transcriptomics , and we would love to get feedback from you regarding the usefulness of the tutorials for analyzing real-world human data.