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Training Infrastructure Feedback from Denny Popp

For a 1-day course on long read sequencing for (meta)genomics I was looking for a powerful, easy-to-use computational infrastructure.

The course included short and long reads quality control, individual and hybrid assembly and its annotation. As the participants were not confident in using command line interface there was a need to access the computational infrastructure via a graphical user interface. Furthermore, it would have been difficult to setup accounts for each participant on other available computer systems. Hence, I decided to try the TIaaS and Usegalaxy.eu. By this, the participants were enabled to easily perform the bioinformatic analyses by themselves.

Usegalaxy.eu provides an enormous amounts of tools for our analyses. The possibility to share histories and workflows is extremely useful. Our jobs were processed reasonably fast. I could follow the progress of the participants via the status overview. All in all, it was very pleasant and easy going for me as a teacher and for the students. No doubt I will use it again in my upcoming courses.

Many thanks to the Usegalaxy.eu team!
Denny Popp