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ELIXIR tools platform meeting and Container SIS meeting in Paris

This week we joined the ELIXIR tools platform meeting in Paris. On Monday, we updated each other on the latest status of the BioContainers project (including GA4GH TRS API), the new Tools Ecosystem and how we can transfer the FAIR principles to software and tools.

The second day started with the discussion and updates around the Container SIS, including OpenEBench, Bio.Tools, and Software Best Practices. After some nice discussions regarding more community involvement, we started hacking on the new tools ecosystem and various bits and pieces that will fall together later this year - stay tuned :)

On the third day, our colleagues from the Compute platform joined us to discuss the EOSC-life workflow infrastructure, the orchestration of containers and workflows (TES, WES, Galaxy-pulsar), how we envision data discovery (DRS), and various use-cases that we would like to cover in 2020.

On Thursday, we had an all-day Hackathon continuing to work on the tools platform ecosystem.

Thanks to Jen Harrow and Hervé Menager for organising this great productive event and anyone that could join personally or remote!

If you are interested in any of the mentioned projects or if you would like to see your use-cases covered, please get in contact :)

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