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12,000 users - 6,900,000 jobs - 13,300,000 datasets

In the next days we will attend our yearly de.NBI SAB meeting. Time to look at some statistics.

There are now 12,300 Galaxy users on https://usegalaxy.eu; you all have run 6,900,000 jobs on the European Galaxy server, and created 13,300,000 datasets!

Let's play a little bit with the numbers. We are running approximately 250,000 jobs a month. This means 8,300 jobs per day, 350 jobs per hour, 6 per minute. Or we can rephrase it to "every 11 seconds finishes one job in Galaxy". With approximately 1500 active users a month (user that have submitted at least one job) this also means that on average each of them executes 166 jobs a month.

This success would not be possible without the support of de.NBI, ELIXIR, EOSC-life and the Freiburg Faculty of Medicine.

A big thank you to all our users and to everyone that has contributed to this project! Special thanks to our partner sites Erasmus MC, Belgium, GenOuest, Pasteur and the whole Galaxy community.

As usual, nearly realtime statistics can be found on our stats-server.