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Processing of Single Cell RNA-Seq Data with Galaxy

We will be hosting a single-cell RNA-seq training workshop at BCC, on both July 17th and July 19th for BCC 2020. The workshop follows the 10x-driven workflows as outlined in our preprint 'A single-cell RNA-seq Training and Analysis Suite using the Galaxy Framework', and will be given by members of the European Galaxy Team (Mehmet Tekman and Björn Grüning) and the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (Hans-Rudolf Hotz).

Registrations are still accepted at the BCC website (early registration ends on July 10th) and prices start at $3 per training.


The Galaxy reproducible bioinformatics framework provides tools, workflows and trainings that not only enable users to perform one-click 10x preprocessing, but also empowers them to demultiplex raw sequencing data manually. The downstream analysis supports a wide range of high-quality interoperable suites separated into common stages of analysis: inspection, filtering, normalization, confounder removal and clustering. The teaching resources cover an assortment of different concepts from computer science to cell biology. Access to all resources is provided at the singlecell.usegalaxy.eu portal.


Below are videos that introduce the tutorials and the capabilities of scRNA-seq on Galaxy.