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New Paper "pyGenomeTracks: reproducible plots for multivariate genomic data sets"

We are happy to announce the publication of pyGenomeTracks (PGT) in Bioinformatics. The tool plots combinations of genomic tracks in a modular way and it's available on the European Galaxy server. Many thanks to all the authors for the great effort!


Motivation: Generating publication ready plots to display multiple genomic tracks can pose a serious challenge. Making desirable and accurate figures requires considerable effort. This is usually done by hand or by using a vector graphic software.

Results: pyGenomeTracks (PGT) is a modular plotting tool that easily combines multiple tracks. It enables a reproducible and standardized generation of highly customizable and publication ready images.

Availability: PGT is available through a graphical interface on https://usegalaxy.eu and through the command line. It is provided on conda via the bioconda channel, on pypi and it is openly developed on GitHub.

pyGenomeTracks Publication