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The first Paper Cuts Community Fest was a success!

So we will do this again in November!

Last week we had the first Paper Cuts Community Collaboration fest. We got the engagement not only of the usual contributors but also newcomers that wanted to help to fix small bugs in Galaxy.

17 Pull Requests were merged in the server repo, discussion triggered in 10 more that are still open on different topics UI-UX, bugs, enhancements, documentation, jobs and workflows, etc. On the GTN repo 8 Pull Requests were merged.

There are still 63 paper cuts in the server and 16 in the GTN... and more to come! Next edition Nov 18, stay tuned!

Thanks to all the contributors and see you all in 3 weeks!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this community fest, please contact under outreach@galaxyproject.org