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Activity report of the last 5 years of the Freiburg Galaxy Team

Crucial infrastructure serving more than 22,000 researchers

Since the Galaxy project was started in Freiburg in 2010, it has evolved in such a way that it has become a crucial infrastructure that serves more than 22,000 researchers, with more than 12 million jobs run. In terms of training, around 150 workshops have run, and more than 5,000 trainees trained using TIaaS.

Activity report

In this report, we give an overview of the different scientific and infrastructure projects in which the team is (or has been) involved, the local and international training activities, the lectures at the University of Freiburg, different events organised, publications, citations, the recent research on COVID-19 and our vision and outlook for the next years.

Thanks to all the supporters of this project! And thanks to all our users for using Galaxy!