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European Galaxy Flavours

UseGalaxy.eu hosts several domain-specific versions of the usegalaxy.eu server.

These domains are featured interfaces that show a subset of the analysis tools, datasets and workflows relevant for different research areas. All the tools available in the different domains can be also accessed from UseGalaxy.eu and the quota and data associated with the user account are shared through all the domains.

Any community is welcome to create and maintain their own sub-domain within UseGalaxy.eu. So far, there are 22 sub-domains registered:

RESEARCH AREA | DOMAIN -------------- | --------: African Research | africa.usegalaxy.eu Galaxy for Genome Annotation | annotation.usegalaxy.eu Computational Chemistry | cheminformatics.usegalaxy.eu Climate Science | climate.usegalaxy.eu CLIP-Explorer | clipseq.usegalaxy.eu COVID-19 | covid19.usegalaxy.eu Ecology | ecology.usegalaxy.eu Erasmus MC | erasmusmc.usegalaxy.eu Clustering of RNA | graphclust.usegalaxy.eu HiCExplorer | hicexplorer.usegalaxy.eu Human Cell Atlas | humancellatlas.usegalaxy.eu Imaging | imaging.usegalaxy.eu Metabolomics | metabolomics.usegalaxy.eu Metagenomics | metagenomics.usegalaxy.eu Machine Learning | ml.usegalaxy.eu NanoGalaxy | nanopore.usegalaxy.eu Plant Biology | plants.usegalaxy.eu Proteomics | proteomics.usegalaxy.eu RNA | rna.usegalaxy.eu Single Cell Omics | singlecell.usegalaxy.eu Street Science Community | streetscience.usegalaxy.eu Virology | virology.usegalaxy.eu {: .table.table-striped }