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GTN Plant-related trainings

Recently two new trainings of interest to the plant research community have been incorporated to the GTN tutorial collection. A common feature shared by both tutorials is the use of sequencing data generated by nanopore technology, a third-generation plataform which provides the possibility of sequencing long reads.

The first of these, entitled chloroplast genome assembly, gathers all the necessary stages to carry out a de novo chrloroplastic genome assembly, and annotate it with information about genomic features. For this purpose, a hybrid Illumina/Nanopore-based approach is used. In addition, the tutorial includes detailed explanations on how to use the necessary tools to visualize the results.

The second tutorial, under the heading of 16S Microbial analysis with Nanopore data, explores the potential of nanopore-based metagenomic analysis of soil bacterial population. It explains how to perform a microbial profiling to identify potential anomalies in soil status, as well as its implications for the implementation of strategies to mitigate ecosystem damage. In addition, the tutorial allows to examine how bacterial populations vary in the presence of plant organisms.