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Massive open online education party: GTN Smörgåsbord

Starting Monday the 15th of February, the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) is running a global Galaxy online course

This week, starting from Monday the 15th of February, the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) is running a global Galaxy online course: GTN Smörgåsbord[^1].

You can choose between many different training sessions along the week ranging from Genomics, Proteomics, or Ecology, to analysing and understanding climate-related scientific data. You can dive into the R-programming language and combine it with Galaxy, or play around with Python. All of that supported by video recordings in our YouTube channel, hands-on materials and a bunch of experts supporting you during the entire week.

A total of 1080 participants from all over the world will be following the course:

{%twitter https://twitter.com/Gallantries_EU/status/1360227461724835842?s=20%}

Continent Number of participants
Africa 58
Asia 267
Europe 503
North America 162
Oceania 45
South America 45

If you are participating in the training, please consider using our data library to get the training datasets that you will need for the tutorials. This way, you will save time and we will have more bandwidth to share with other participants :-)

The load will be spread around three different Galaxy servers (usegalaxy.eu, usegalaxy.org.au and usegalaxy.org). In all of them, you will find a very convenient way of accessing the training materials through the hat in the header of the Galaxy server:

GTN hat

The format of this course will give you an overview of all the potential that you can achieve by analysing data with Galaxy. But this is only possible thanks to the amazing community behind the project. If you are wondering how to become part of the Galaxy community, take a look at this video for some ideas:

Thanks to all the participants, our community and all our [sponsors](https://shiltemann.github.io/global-galaxy-course/#institutions)!

[^1]: Smörgåsbord is a type of Scandinavian meal, like a buffet, or tapas.