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Galaxy-ELIXIR webinars series: Advanced Features

Ten weeks of webinars are now over. We started at the end of January with the second series of six webinars 'Open Data Infrastructures to tackle COVID-19 pandemic' and continued with four more webinars on 'Galaxy advanced features' chaired by Hans-Rudolf Hotz.

Over the last 4 weeks, we got an excellent overview of recent features in Galaxy that may have remained unknown to many users, due to the rapid developments in this very large and very active community.

In the first webinar, Marius van den Beek and Aysam Guerler explained all sort of new features related to workflows: parameters, invocations, reports…

The second session was run by Wolfgang Maier and Anton Nekrutenko. They guided us through the process of importing massive data from SRA/ENA and processing it making use of collections.

For the third webinar, Daniel Blankenberg, Bérénice Batut and Helena Rasche prepared a showcase of the bridge between Jupyter notebooks, RStudio and Galaxy workflows.

And the fourth webinar, led by Jennifer Hillman-Jackson and Anika Erxleben, addressed all the user preference options, explored all the possibilities for data sharing in project collaborations, and error debugging whenever an issue running a tool arises.

The strong attendance and YouTube access to these webinars show the interest they generated in the Galaxy community. We would like to thank all the speakers for this wonderful series, and to the ELIXIR Hub technical team for the support. We hope you can enjoy the recordings and we will be happy to organize another such webinar series at a later stage.

Hans-Rudolf Hotz & Beatriz Serrano-Solano