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Updates from the Single-Cell Community in Freiburg

The single-cell materials in the Galaxy Training Network (GTN) have once again expanded, with welcome contributions from Cristobal Gallardo and Mehmet Tekman of the Freiburg Galaxy Team, and Wendi Bacon of the EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI). The new tutorials focus on multiple sample analysis and plant datasets, both using the new version (1.7) of the fantastic ScanPy tool suite and the Jupyter Notebooks hosted on Galaxy.

The GTN materials paired with the continuously expanding Galaxy online computing platform, freely enable researchers and bio-enthusiasts to develop their understanding of various cutting-edge topics in single-cell. This, in conjunction with the Single Cell interactive application (SCiAp) computation interface, as well as the vast datasets from the Human Cell Atlas (HCA), provide users with a powerful playground of resources to explore at their hearts content.

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