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COVID updates: B.1.617.2 detected in COG-UK data from the beginning of April

We checked the COG-UK data to see if we’d find representative samples of B.1.617.2 (one of the Indian lineages, and a Variant of Concern).

With B.1.617.2 (one of the Indian lineages) now being a Variant Of Concern (VOC), we checked the COG-UK data that we have been analyzing to see whether we'd find representative samples. ERR5749239 is clearly one of them. The Galaxy history with this data is available here and the report by sample can be obtained from this Galaxy dataset, which contains lots of quite unique signature mutations (compared also the by variant report in that same history).

We have added the corresponding VOC profile to our Observable dashboard and are now tracking this variant as well. Five more samples have been found already as we wrote this post. An SVG figure (160 MB) of the entire batch can be downloaded here and new signatures can be added to the live dashboard.

Check every day for new data from COG-UK! We expect more samples with this signature to show up as this VOC now enters the UK :-(